What Do Our Members Do?

Our team is comprised of 5 sections; concrete, superstructure, technical exhibition, spirit, and sponsorship.

Through each of these sections, students gain experience with design application, hands-on builds, leadership, project management, communication, technical writing and presenting, networking, and budgeting.

The responsibilities of each section are summarized below, along with some photos from our competitions.

Concrete Section

Designs and Builds the Running Surface (Skis)

  • Researches and develops an innovative mix design.
  • Gains hands-on experience working with concrete and formwork.
  • Learn balance between theoretical and feasible formwork design.
  • Procures materials.

Superstructure Section

Designs, Builds, and Procures Frame and Components, as well as Ensures Safety

  • Designs an innovative roll cage, braking system, and steering system.
  • Implements aesthetics for theme.
  • Runs finite element analysis (FEA) on model.
  • Runs 3D simulations.
  • Tests weld connections.

Technical Exhibition Section

Designs an Exhibit to Present the Toboggan

  • Builds creative and engaging components.
  • Creates a technical showcase.
  • Facilitates an interactive display that works with our team theme.

Spirit Section

  • Creates team costumes.
  • Writes team chants.
  • Choreographs an opening skit.
  • Organizes socials and team bonding.

Finance/Sponsorship Section

  • Creates a budget to accommodate needs of all sections.
  • Inquires about material sponsorships.
  • Completes a sponsorship package.
  • Updates THIS website!
  • Contacts sponsors.
  • Applies for department and university funding.
  • Collects team fees from all members.
  • Send invoices, thanks, and updates to sponsors.

A Video By the 2020 Organizing Committee

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