What is Competition?


  • The inaugural competition was held in 1975.
  • Over 20 engineering schools across Canada compete every year, each with teams of 10-30 student members.
  • Each team designs and builds concrete skis, a superstructure, and a technical exhibition each year.
  • The toboggans are raced down a snow hill at a host University on the final day of competition – this year the University of Toronto will be hosting!
Concrete Toboggan in 1975 Featuring One Large Slab

Some Modern Concrete Toboggans

There are 5 Days of Competition Including…

  • Technical Exhibition Day
  • Race Day
  • Days to network with other students and industry professionals

Toboggan Requirements

  • Have a concrete running surface
  • Seat 5 passengers
  • Braking system
  • Steering system
  • Roll cage

Evaluation Criteria

  • Raceday Performance:
    • Speed
    • Braking
    • Steering
  • Technical Report:
    • Design aspects (Frame, concrete)
    • Justifications
    • Sustainability
    • Construction Methodology
  • Technical Presentations
  • Technical Display
  • Spirit Participation
  • Safety

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