Over at the University of Manitoba, we are already getting very excited for the upcoming GNCTR 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Held every winter since 1974, The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race, otherwise known as GNCTR is an annual engineering competition. The nation-wide event gives engineering students the opportunity to apply technical knowledge attained in university towards an exciting student-run competition. There are many different areas for student involvement, whether it be designing and fabricating the steel frame, producing different concrete mixes, designing and constructing the technical-exhibition or assisting with the technical report. As this competition is extra-curricular, it also requires good time management to balance university deadlines with competition deadlines.
GNCTR is the largest running competition of its kind in Canada!

This year another successful competition was held in Waterloo, Ontario from January 24-28, 2018.  Feel free to check out their website here.

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