2021 Executive Team

Devon Whidden

Team Co-Captain

Devon is entering his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering.

Favourite Course: Any with a good professor!

Fun Fact: I have the cutest dog on the team.

Email: umgnctr.captn@gmail.com

Kaitie Haldane-Wilsone

Team Co-Captain

Kaitie is entering her fourth year of Civil Engineering and third year of being on the team. She has a special place in her heart for small skis and a yearning desire to finally make it down the hill…

Favourite Food: Pasta!

Favourite Course: Geology.

Email: umgnctr.captn@gmail.com

Cara Neufeld

Technical Exhibition Lead

Cara is entering her fourth year of Mechanical Engineering.

Fun Fact: Here for your daily dose of Advil, Tylenol, and Emergen-C.

Derek Ross

Superstructure Lead

Derek is entering his final year of Mechanical Engineering and this will be his 6th year participating in GNCTR (best not to do the math on that).

Special Talents: Enrolling in programs which prevent me from graduating on time.

Fun Fact: I am an aspiring alt-rock musician, for when this whole engineering thing doesn’t work out.

Eric Carlson

Concrete Co-Lead

Eric is entering his fourth year of Civil Engineering.

Favourite Course: Hydrology 100%

Favourite Beer: Twisted Tea

Joshua Gregorchuk

Concrete Co-Lead

Joshua is entering his fourth year of Civil Engineering. “Heart as soft as concrete”

Fun Fact: I enjoy working on cars and rambling during team meetings.

Robyn Grahame

Spirit Co-Lead

Robyn (she/her) is entering her third, maybe fourth year of Civil Engineering.

Hobbies: Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.

Makenna Isfjord

Spirit Co-Lead

Makenna is entering her sixth final year of Mechanical Engineering.

Hobbies: Killing all of my succulents.

Fun Fact: I still count on my fingers

Monica Serban

Finance/Sponsorship Lead

Monica is entering her final year of Civil Engineering.

Fun Fact: Height isn’t everything.

Email: serbani@myumanitoba.ca

Phone: 1 (204) 510-8158

Team Structure

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